The National Park Service is accepting comments about placing Oak Flat on the list of National Historic Places as a Traditional Cultural Property because of its sacredness and significance to Native American Tribes. 

The nomination would list Oak Flat as a Traditional Cultural Property on the National Register of Historic Places.  (Note that the nomination uses the Apache name for Oak Flat, Chi’chil Bildagoteel.)

Please take action and sign a letter to the National Park Service (who is responsible for making the final decision on adding Oak Flat to the list) to help protect Oak Flat.

The deadline for you to sign the letter is noon (Arizona Time) on Monday, June 29, so act now. 

You and many others have pitched in many times to stop the destruction of Oak Flat.  Now you have a chance to help the US government recognize that Oak Flat is sacred to Native Americans and its protection is vital to us all.

Roger Featherstone, Director


  • Go to the action page.
  • Sign the letter at action page bottom.
  • Share this alert widely!