April 4, 2024, is a day of activities directed toward Rio Tinto, the world’s second largest mining company for their abuses of communities and the environment around the world.

The Arizona Mining Reform Coalition is joining NGOs from Madagascar, Serbia, Guineathe UK, and the USA, in virtual activities.

Join us and folks around the world to tell Rio Tinto to take water seriously and here in Arizona, to leave Oak Flat alone.

April 4,2024, is an international call to action to pressure Rio Tinto to clean up their act.  Please take action today via email and social media and spread the word widely!

You can act internationally by emailing or tweeting Rio Tinto directly.

To send an email to Rio Tinto’s chief executives, go to our Action Page.

To send Rio Tinto a tweet, go to the Rio Tinto: Stop Plundering the Planet page.

Our website gives you plenty of information about our fight to protect Oak Flat, but for more information about other struggles around the world against Rio Tinto, go here.

Watch this video to see why folks from all walks of life are working to protect Oak Flat and to learn how you can too!

Send a letter to Rio Tinto Executives

Send Rio Tinto executives a letter asking them to the water seriously and instead of acting against people, climate and nature, to leave precious places around the world  like Oak Flat alone!