April 5, 2021, kicks off a week of activities directed toward Rio Tinto, the world’s second largest mining company for their abuses of communities and the environment around the world.

The Arizona Mining Reform Coalition is joining NGOs from Australia, Madagascar, Mongolia, Netherlands, Serbia, the UK, and the USA, in virtual activities coordinated by the London Mining Network.

Join us and folks around the world to tell Rio Tinto to clean up their act and here in Arizona, to leave Oak Flat alone.

Check this page often for actions you can take this week here in the US.

Each day the campaign focuses on a key theme and asks you to take action and to share content far and wide.

Today is an international call to action to blockade communications for Rio Tinto.  Please take action today via email and social media and spread the word widely!

You can act locally by asking your member of Congress to cosponsor the Save Oak Flat Act.

And, you can act internationally by emailing or Tweeting Rio Tinto directly. 

To send an email to Rio Tinto’s Board of Directors and chief executives, go to the London Mining Network’s Action Page.

To send Rio Tinto a tweet, go to the Rio Tinto: Stop Plundering the Planet page.

Our website gives you plenty of information about our fight to protect Oak Flat, but for more information about other struggles around the world against Rio Tinto, go here


April 5

Erasing Indigenous Culture

April 6

Water Stress

April 7

Environmental Harm

April 8

Looting & Plundering

April 9

Rio Tinto Annual General Meeting

Tweet: Save Oak Flat


Tweet: Respect Nomadic Tradition in Mongolia


Tweet: Serbian local heritage under threat 


Facebook: Respect Nomadic Tradition in Mongolia


Video:Oak Flat: Sacred Land


Video: Mongolian Herders demand access to pasture

Tweet: Uranium in the water – Madagascar 


Tweet: Water reports in Mongolia


Tweet: Responsible mining in Serbia?

Tweet: Resolution Copper & Toxic Waste


Tweet: Protected species in Serbia


Tweet: Environmental impact in Madagascar


Video: Oak Flat: Toxic waste

Tweet: Grasberg Cut and Run


Tweet: Resolution Copper, looting resources


Tweet: Bougainville & Colonial Syndrome


Video: Oak Flat: Pipelines, Profits


Rio Tinto: Legacy of Destruction Map


Film – Ophir

On the day of the AGM, send a message to the heads of Rio Tinto! Click here to support the Email campaign


Tweet Storm




Help Make the Save Oak Flat Act law

In the United States, ask your member of Congress to cosponsor the Save Oak Flat Act (HR 1884 and S 915)

Check out this video featuring some of our member groups telling why Rio Tinto should leave Oak Flat alone.

Please feel free to download these images and use for your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media work!

This map shows Rio Tinto’s path of destruction around the world.

Cover photo credit: Samuel James