October 13, 2021, kicks off several days of activities directed at BHP, for their abuses of communities and the environment around the world.

The Arizona Mining Reform Coalition is joining NGOs from Brazil, Chile, Peru, Columbia, the UK, and the USA, in virtual activities coordinated by the London Mining Network.

On October 14, BHP will be holding its 2021 AGM. We want to use this opportunity to draw attention to the company’s practices of cutting its losses and running away from responsibilities, while hiding behind the greenwashed image or a ‘responsible’ mine operator.  We also want to show BHP just how bad the Resolution Copper proposed mine would be and why they need to abandon the project.

Join us and folks around the world to tell BHP to clean up their act and here in Arizona, to leave Oak Flat alone.

You can act locally by asking your member of Congress to cosponsor the Save Oak Flat Act.

And, you can act internationally by emailing or Tweeting BHP directly.

Send an email to BHP’s Board of Directors and chief executives

Send a Tweet. (Use these sample Tweets):

For BHP generally:

From the time it decides to open a mine ⛏️ to the moment it cuts and runs 🏃💨 BHP plays a game of greenwashing and deflection 🍃Take the opportunity of their 2021 AGM to tell BHP it’s time to stop the greenwash!

#BHP #Greenwashing #ClimateAction

For Resolution Copper:

🌳Destroy thousands of acres of national forest 🌊Use billions of gallons of water (in drought struck Arizona) as well as destroying a sacred Apache site at Oak Flat!Tell BHP to quit Resolution Copper!


We submitted written questions for BHP’s Board of Directors to answer during the AGM, and are curious about how BHP will respond!  Read our written questions  in their original form (BHP rules required that our questions be chopped up).

You can see questions from our partners in central and south America and our question after they survived BHP’s form here.

We took part in an investor and journalist briefing hosted by the London Mining Network on October 13, 2021, this is our presentation for the briefing.

Help Make the Save Oak Flat Act law

In the United States, ask your member of Congress to cosponsor the Save Oak Flat Act (HR 1884 and S 915)

Check out this video featuring some of our member groups telling why BHP should leave Oak Flat alone.

Please feel free to download these images and use for your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media work!