Yesterday, December 12, the US Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  The Defense bill contains the Oak Flat land exchange.

Please contact President Obama and ask him to veto the NDAA.  This is our only step left to stop the land exchange from becoming law.

You’ve taken action many time to help protect Oak Flat and I’m asking you now to take action one more time to protect Oak Flat.

There are so many reasons that attaching the land exchange to the NDAA is a terrible idea.  But let’s face it, RIo Tinto’s supporters knew that this was there last best chance to give Oak Flat to a giant foreign mining company.  

Every day we were learning more about how critical Oak Flat is for religious freedom and environmental protection and Rio Tinto knew they needed to act fast.  So, they buried the land exchange deep in a anrelated bill.

Let our President know that the NDAA must be vetoed until the Oak Flat land exchange is removed.

Take action now.

After you have sent your letter to President Obama, also sign a petition asking the President to stop this Apache land grab.