Bloomberg Reports: July 14, 2019

David Stringer reports that Rio Tinto has discovered a large copper/silver/gold deposit in western Australia.  Apparantly Rio Tinto thinks the deposit is so promising that it may leapfrog ahead of Rio Tinto’s proposed Resolution Copper project that would destroy Oak Flat.

Dependent on further exploration work, the discovery — where Rio now has as many as 190 staff, about 12 drilling rigs and is constructing a gravel airstrip — could move ahead of the Resolution project in Arizona in the producer’s pipeline.

Note that the article also reports that Rio Tinto is running into problems building the underground block cave portion of their  Oyu Tolgoi mine in Mongolia.  The underground portion of the Mongolian mine has the same block cave design as what Rio Tinto is planning for Oak Flat.


Comment on the Resolution Copper mine proposal

We are seeking your assistance in public comment for the Oak Flat Environment.  The public is invited to comment on the DEIS and the comment deadline is currently November 7, 2019.  We must stop this disasterous proposal and we need you, your friends, colleagues, neighbors – everyone you know – to commment on this proposal and to help us stop this mine and protect Oak Flat.

We will provide you with analysis of the DEIS and every tool you will need to help!