The Arizona Mining Coalition is comprised of Arizona groups and individuals that work to ensure that responsible mining contributes to healthy communities, a healthy environment, and, when all costs are factored in, is a net benefit to Arizona.  The Arizona Mining Coalition expects the mining industry to clean up after itself, comply full and in the spirit of safeguards in place to protect Arizona, and to interact in a transparent and open manner with Arizona citizens.


  • Mining is an inappropriate use of some lands in Arizona.
  • State and federal mining laws need to be positively reformed.
  • The coalition will promote alternative uses of some mineral deposits.

The coalition will increase awareness of all aspects of mining in Arizona.

Contact your Members of Congress to Cosponsor the Save Oak Flat Act

This action is no longer active as these bills died at the end of the last Congress..  Please visit other pages for action you can take. Currently 13 young people representing 10 tribes are in Washington DC, now to urge support for the Save Oak Flat Act.  Please...

Comment now to protect Oak Flat

The Tonto National Forest has released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) examining Rio Tinto’s Resolution Copper mine proposal and is asking for your comments. The deadline for comments is November 7, 2019.  Please go to our alert to learn more and to edit...

Attend public meetings to learn more and comment on Resolution Copper DEIS

The US Forest Service will host 6 public meetings starting September 10 in Superior, AZ, on Rio Tinto's proposal to destroy Oak Flat and thousands of additional acres of public land.  The Forest Service has added (as of September 20) another meeting in Tempe, AZ on...

2024 International day of protest against Rio Tinto

April 4, 2024, is a day of activities directed toward Rio Tinto, the world’s second largest mining company for their abuses of communities and the environment around the world. The Arizona Mining Reform Coalition is joining NGOs from Madagascar, Serbia, Guinea, the...

Recent Court Ruling does not Advance Resolution Copper Proposed Mine

Initial press on the ruling made it seem that the court ruling clears the way for the Resolution Copper mine proposal which would destroy Oak Flat, a sacred site and a recreational and ecological haven on public land within the Tonto National Forest.

However, the ruling does no such thing. As Chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, Terry Rambler said in recent press statement, “The culturally and environmentally devastating Resolution project is no closer to construction today than it was before the appeals court ruling.”

Tell ADEQ to protect the Patagonia Mountains from South32

We need you to comment now on the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s (ADEQ) intent to give South32 an Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (AZPDES). The comment deadline is January 12, 2024. South32 seeks to develop a new underground mine...

Definitely Not a Gift

It is not hard to see who is benefiting from this contract and it’s not the town or its residents.  Resolution Copper does all the dictating in the agreement for its benefit.  I don’t regard anything here in the agreement as a gift. The town would benefit financially if they annexed all-mine facilities to include Oak Flat mine area. The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) noted that the Town of Superior would benefit the least financially from this project due to it not being in the town’s city limits.

2023 International Day of Action Against Rio Tinto

April 6, 2023, is a day of activities directed toward Rio Tinto, the world’s second largest mining company for their abuses of communities and the environment around the world. The Arizona Mining Reform Coalition is joining NGOs from Madagascar, Serbia, the UK, and...

Arizona Events to Protect Oak Flat March 8 – 11

Join us in Arizona for several events to protect Oak Flat. Attend these events to learn more about efforts to protect Oak Flat, why we should protect Oak Flat, and to take action.  (Check back here regularly for actions you can take to protect Oak Flat.) Roy Chavez...

Notice of Intent to Sue EPA Over Queen Creek Pollution

“Instead of doing its job to protect Queen Creek, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is allowing Resolution Copper Company to add more pollutants to an already polluted stream,” said Roger Featherstone, director of the Arizona Mining Reform Coalition. “It is time for EPA to step in to protect a creek that is valued by so many Arizonans.”

Tell Federal Interagency Working Group how to reform mining laws and regulations

Please attend one or more of the two remaining listening sessions. Recently a federal register notice announced three public listening sessions for the Interagency Working Group on mining reform beginning next week and has extended the comment period to August...

Press Statement on Ongoing Legal Efforts to Protect Oak Flat

the 9th Circuit Court ruling does not advance the proposed Resolution Copper mine in the slightest. Until the US Forest Service completes and releases a new Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), the land transfer cannot happen,” said Roger Featherstone, Arizona Mining Reform Coalition Director. “It is unfortunate that the 9th Circuit court ruled as it did and we feel that the Apache Stronghold has a strong chance to prevail should the Supreme Court hear their case.”