We recently did an overflight looking at the total footprint of the proposed Resolution Copper mine.  

Here is a short clip to give you an idea of what we would all lose if Oak Flat is privitized and the mine plan is allowed to move forward.

Take a look at our vitual tour of the overflight.  You’ll see an overlay of the Resolution Copper proposal that spans a total of  43 miles from the East end of the proposed tailings dam to the west end of the MARRCO railraod corridor and would destroy 16,000 acres.

Note that we did a little detour to fly over the Pinto Valley and Carlota mines and flew over the Ray mine as we took off and landed.

Many thanks to Bruce Gordon and the rest of the EcoFlight crew, and especially Jonathan Kloberdanz for the video editing, for all their help in protecting Oak Flat.  EcoFlight flies the west helping groups like us protect precious places!