This Action is now closed. While it was active, 1,352 emails were sent to the Forest Service Chief.  Thanks to all who took action!

It is clear that the US Forest Service is bowing to political pressure to expedite the publishing of a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) on Resolution Coppers proposal to destroy Oak Flat and thousands of additional acres of precious land to build a huge underground copper mine.  The motivation for this pressure is clear – Resolution Copper and its supporters would like the land privatized while the current presidential administration is in power.

The publishing of a FEIS is critical because it would trigger a 60-day deadline to turn over Oak Flat to Resolution Copper.  If the Forest Service continues its push to prematurely release the FEIS, Oak Flat could become the private property of the worlds 2 largest foreign mining companies within weeks.

Please send an email to the Chief of the Forest Service today asking her to write a new draft or supplemental Environmental Impact Statement first, instead of rushing to release an incomplete FEIS.

Go to our action alert page to learn more and to edit a sample letter to the Forest Service Chief to protect Oak Flat.

Send a letter to the Forest Service Chief to Protect Oak Flat

We need your help to protect Oak Flat!