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The Arizona Mining Reform Coalition is comprised of Arizona groups and individuals that work to ensure that responsible mining contributes to healthy communities, a healthy environment, and, when all costs are factored in, is a net benefit to Arizona. The Arizona Mining Reform Coalition expects the mining industry to clean up after itself, comply fully with the spirit of safeguards in place to protect Arizona, and to interact in a transparent and open manner with Arizona citizens.

Pima County Denies Augusta Air Quality Permit

On September 29, the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality denied Augusta Resource Corporation an air quality permit for the proposed Rosemont mine.  Pima County cited a number of deficiencies in the permit application.  (Read Pima County’s letter to Augusta here.)  Augusta now has several options.  They can appeal the decision, give up and go home, or they can submit a new, correct permit and try again.

This is good news and shows that Augusta does not have the wherewithal to handle the intricacies of building a mine.  While this does not mean that the fight to protect the Santa Ritas is over, it does show that despite Augusta’s multi-million dollar PR campaign to bully Tucson and the surrounding communities into accepting their mine proposal, has fallen short.

Proposed Florence In-Situ copper Mine a Bad Idea

Curis Resources, a Canadian Junior mining company is proposing an in-situ copper mine on the banks of the Gila River within the town boundaries of Florence, Arizona.  

Don Steuter, the Conservation Chair of the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club (and one of our steering committee members), wrote an editorial about the proposed project which appeared in the Arizona Republic today.

Letters opposing H.R 1904, the Oak Flat land Exchange

Several organizations have sent letters to the House Natural Resources Committee opposing the Oak Flat land exchange.

Of note are:

The Access Fund -- A national climbers advocacy group dedicated to climbing access and conservation.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation -- an organization dedicated to saving historic places and revitalizing America's communities.

Concerned Climbers of Arizona -- an organization advocating continued recreational access to climbing areas that are threatened by development or other forms of encroachment.

Call today to stop the Oak Flat land exchange bill

We Love Oak FlatWe Love Oak Flat

The House Natural Resource Committee will be voting tomorrow, Wednesday, July 13th, on H.R, 1904, the Oak Flat land exchange bill.

Please call Members of the House Natural Resources Commitee today!

This bill is not only an unnecessary piece of special interest legislation that would severely impact precious water, natural resources, and religious freedom, but also would abrogate our nation’s environmental laws and short-circuit the normal process for approving mines on public land.

For more information about the bill see our fact sheet and for additional information see our written testimony submitted to the Natural Resources Committee about the bill.

Gosar Introduces Oak Flat land Exchange Bill

On Friday afternoon, May 13th (yes on Friday the 13th), Representative Gosar (R-1st District) of Arizona, introduced H.R. 1904, his new version of the Oak Flat land exchange.  Although he and his staff took the time to meet with Native American Tribes and with opposition groups, his new bill is actually worse than the final version of S. 409 in the last Congress.  As a result, we must stop this bill from becoming law.

View our new 2 minute preview of the Great Oak Flat Land Giveaway

Bryan O'Neal has created a new 2 minute preview of the Great Oak Flat Land Giveaway.  See the video below or on YouTube.

Learn More about protecting the Grand Canyon from uranium mining.

See this video to learn why we should protect the Grand Canyon from uranium mining.  Comments are due May 4.

Grand Canyon Uranium Mining PSA from James Q Martin Media on Vimeo.

ADEQ Allows Mining on the Honor System

One would think that in Arizona, which has the worst mining laws and regulations of any state in the union, the mining industry would realize how good they’ve got it.  However, in their quest to mine fettered only by the limits of their own greed, min

ing companies carp as loudly as ever about being over-burdened and over-regulated to death.

Arizona 1 MineArizona 1 Mine


Mining companies trot out a list as long as your arm about how many reports and permits they are required to obtain.  However, given the track record of the mining industry in Arizona, there is a good reason for regulation – for nearly 150 years, mining in Arizona has proven to be a social and environmental nightmare.

The truth however, is far different.

January 2011 New Articles on Mining in Arizona

January has been a good month so far for news articles about mining in Arizona.  

Oak Flat Land Exchange Dead For Another Year

We Love Oak FlatWe Love Oak FlatThe 111th Congress is history as of last night, December 22.  As the final gavel banged, the current versions of the Oak Flat land exchange, S 409 and H.R. 4880 died.  Tribal leaders, conservation groups and recreationist fought the bills hard and that had a lot to do with the bills dying for a third straight Congress.

But ironically, the final blow for S 409 came from its own sponsor.  Senator John McCain had put a hold on 65 public lands bills and included S 409.  While we disagree with Senator McCain in stopping the 65 worthwhile bills, we are in complete agreement with his making sure that Oak Flat remains in public ownership.  We can only speculate as to why Senator McCain killed his own bill after all the (false) rhetoric about its being vital for the immediate restoration of Arizona’s (and to here Rio Tinto’s spin – the nation’s and maybe even the world’s) economy.  Whatever Senator McCain’s reason, we’ll take it.  Oak Flat and the surrounding area including Gaan Canyon, Apache Leap and Queen Creek canyon is simply to important for religious, ecological, and recreation values to be given to two foreign mining companies that made more than $6 Billion in profit last year.

Thanks to all who had a hand in defeating the Oak Flat land exchange and we welcome you back for the inevitable next onslaught brought to use by the courtesy of Rio Tinto!

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